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Monday, January 22 2018 @ 01:13 AM EST

Greenberg April 2005 Train Show


Well after several shows where we asked for more space we finally got it for this show and this let us have a nearly 10'x30' layout, our biggest to date. The extra space let us have by far our largest rail yard to date and gave us the option of running up to 4 trains at once. There was a clearly defined city section on one end and a residential section at the other end that included our ammusement park.

Among the additions for this show were David Gwon's great appartment complex and bumper cars. Dave Eaton also displayed several new buildings that are destined for Brikwars distruction but very cool none-the-less. A property value decreasing Pink Castle Liquor store also made its debut.

As always we were happy with the turnout at the show as well as the feedback we got from fans. Some of our fans have become regular visitors and we love it!

To view more photos from the show please visit the following Galleries:

Eric Kingsley


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