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Monday, December 18 2017 @ 05:01 PM EST

A Year of BrikWars


In the hopes of facilitating more actual BrikWar gaming events, several of the core BrikWar players came up with the concept of A Year of BrikWars.

The idea is to schedule a game every other month for a total of six in a year. Like the monthly NELUG meetings, individuals would be volunteer to be responsible for the game, it's concept, location, and the other various details.

This schedule is not meant to be written in stone; alterations, fudging and reassignments are a way of life. And there can certainly be *more* games (I think Sullivan is bound by law to at least attempt to show up for any and all games).

As Joe likes to say: If you plan it, they will come.

2005: Year of the StormTrooper
  1. Jan 29th: !Zombies! -Evil Wayne
  2. Mar 5th: From My Kart to Yours -Shaun
  3. June 11th: TEAM: Rebirth -Joe
  4. July 23rd: Star Warez -Alfred
  5. Sept 17th: PARV -DaveE
  6. Dec 10th: VersaillesPunk - Shaun

2006: Year of the PirateNinja
  1. Jan/Feb: Labyrinth -Jonathan
  2. Mar/April: OPEN
  3. May/June: Floating Isles: Clinical Trial -Evil Wayne
  4. July/Aug: OPEN
  5. Sept/Oct: OPEN
  6. Nov/Dec: OPEN

Game ideas and dates do not have to be fully formed either. If you have an idea then throw it out there. Discussion is sometimes half the fun. Dates are given in 2 month intervals for a wide berth of possibilities.

This document will be updated to reflect new games.


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