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Monday, December 18 2017 @ 05:47 AM EST

Greenberg 12/2005 Train and Toy Show


This was our largest layout ever at 10'x30'. The city section had several new skyscrapers and was our most impressive city yet. Of course the big hit, as always, was the ammusement park which included first time showings of at least 2 rides. There was also a residential section and an industrial railroad section.

We got the usual questions but the most asked question this year seemed to be "where is King Kong". Come on Mike, save us and revive Kong for the next show please!!!

We also seem to be getting more and more compliments from the hard core model railroaders as well which is probably a sign of acceptance for LEGO Trains. I guess some of them didn't think we had the staying power.

The following galleries are available

Eric Kingsley
Dave Gwon
Elroy Davis


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