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Tuesday, January 23 2018 @ 09:08 AM EST

BrikWars: Our Con 17

GamingMembers of NELUG participated in a local gaming Con out at UMass-Amherst this past weekend, representing the wonderful world of BrikWars in a cluster of games entitled Injected Molded Kombat!

NELUG's began coordination with the UMass Amherst Gaming Club a few months ago in an effort to bring plastic mayhem out west. These efforts led to smooth participation on our part and the event went off without a hitch!

Three NELUGgers arrived in time for the Friday night gaming session, and on Saturday all six NELUGgers were there on time with all MOCs in tow. Throughout the weekend we were so prepared that nothing was ever lacking: dice, pencils, paper, rulesets, units, extra pieces, optional game equipment--everything was on hand and prepared ahead of time!

 Somewhat dishearteningly, it turned out that Brikwars wasn't on the game schedule for Friday night after all.

 Saturday setup went very smoothly. By 10:30 we had 4 fantastic-looking game setups prepared: It Takes A Pillage, VersaillesPunk, The Tox Uthat, and NasKart. By Saturday evening three of the games had been played, and each went off perfectly (well, except Wayne's aliens turned out to be more like E.T. than the intended Gigeresque death machines). We had scads of positive feedback, and some enthusiastic interest in future participation of NELUG games.  

From our perspective the performances were brilliant! The location was pretty close to ideal and the layout could not have been better. With the parking garage was less than 50 meters away, elevators were convenient, there were restaurants just upstairs of the convention, and the hotel was in the same building. Other more familiar restaurants--Chili's, Applebees, and venues in downtown Amherst - were all 5 minutes away by car. Truly, it was a perfect convention location!

Overall, it was a great time. Three Brikwars games in one day is never a bad thing, regardless of the context! We had players; all told, about 12-15 non-NELUG people joined in the various games. 

More images can be found Here:

Now, back to our regularly new-concept Year-of-Brikwars Gaming schedule!

Vast elements of this story have been blatantly plagiarized from a Sullivan post.
Sue me!




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