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Tuesday, January 23 2018 @ 09:07 AM EST

Hands off my Booty


Captain, Captain, the Imperials are heading to the archipelego to take our treasure.


Shouldn't we do something?

Sure, but we've got time. Their row boats only go two inches per turn. I can swim three times faster than that. Besides, the monkeys hate soliders and the gators are armor plated. Let see if they survive.

You know if we go there now, maybe we can steal someone else's treasure.

I have a better idea. Let's leave now and steal some treasure from the other pirates.

Sigh, such a better idea. I wish I had thought of it.

It is the year 2011, a year when Brikwars was almost not played by NELUG. On Saturday November 26th, three members (Dan K., Dave E., and Jonathan D.) got together and did their best to destroy each other in a treasure hunt game called Pirate Booty. Two other members (Suz E. and Linda D.) were there to watch the spectacle (well actually the baby Calum was far more interesting).


The day started with an unexpected surprise. The evil raid server at Dan's work decided to distract him the entire day. Demanding constant attention. Bravely, Dan was able to fight the server and us at the same time.


At 1 pm the game got underway with us slowly (2" a turn) rowing our boats towards the small islands. In between each of our moves, the gators, shark, squid, and monkeys slowly advanced towards our troops. Sometimes going in circles as we each moved them to attack someone else.


Dave's pirates made land fall quickly and headed towards two treasure chests. Jon's soldiers also made land fall quickly and soon picked up a treasure chest. Dan's pirates took a little longer to make land fall, but they made first kill by defeating an attacking squid.


During the next few turns Jon's soldiers successfully secured the first and second treasure chests, only to find out that one of them contained just some old bones. Dave's pirates, successfully loaded two chests onto their row boat and headed towards the main ship. Two of Dan's pirates finally reached a treasure chest only to have one shot dead by Dave's pirate. Dan quickly retaliated and killed Dave's pirate, leaving each team with just one on pirate near the treasure chest. Since treasure chests require two to lift them, this left and awkward situation. Dave's pirate decided to run away, I mean, help defend his row boat from attacking gators.


Which turned out to be the right decision since shortly after that Dan's pirates lost one of their boats to a gator and Jon's soldiers lost one of theirs to a shark. It was apparent that the gators and shark posed a great threat so each team focused on killing these armored (2d10) creatures. Two of Dave's pirates valiantly tried to fight them off with an oar and a sword each while they waited for reinforcements to get back from securing two treasure chests. One of Dan's pirates gained control of a cannon and tried shooting the gators, but the cannon proved hard to shot; which didn't stop the pirate from trying again and again and again to hit them. Four of Jon's soldiers formed up and quickly took out the gator and shark in their area, but apparently upset the local monkey population.


While this was going on, the pirates and soldiers who found themselves now in the water with out a boat discovered something remarkable, treasure chests float.  Since they float you can easily drag them while swimming and you can actually swim 4"-6" per turn which is much faster than the 2"-3" a row boat can move. A few pirates decided to give up on using the boats to get their treasure back to the ship and chose to swim instead.


While the pirates continued to attack the two gators and an annoying drunken monkey that tried biting them, the soldiers safe from attack in their area secured another two treasure chests and then advanced towards the pirates. During the march, a monkey was killed, which caused a monkey riot in the trees. Soon monkeys from across the area began advancing on the soldiers. Even the drunken monkey decided to advance on the soldiers. They're just monkeys, big deal, right?


Finally the pirates gain the upper hand on the gators. Dave's pirates kill one gator by ganging up on it with pistols blazing and Dan's hopeless pirate finally gets a lucky shot with the cannon blowing up the other gator. These explosions, however, wake up another gator that was sleeping nearby on the dock, but Dave's captain takes it out swiftly.


While the battle with the gators takes place, Dan's and Dave's other pirates continued to collect treasures. Dan's pirates successfully secured a treasure chest and Davy Jones' locker. Dan also sends his captain to a new island where three more awaited. One of Dave's pirates decided to steal some sacred artifacts from St Lucas's mission church only to be killed by a Battle Droid (oops).


With Monkeys advancing from all sides, Jon's captain gains control of cannon and kills Dan's captain. Jon's captain then dives into the water to capture Dan's boat with two treasure chests on board. With Dan now distracted, Dave's remaining pirates start swimming to the main ship with their treasure. But Dan is not completely distracted, his hopeless pirate gets yet another lucky shot with the cannon and kills one of Dave's pirates holding the sacred artifacts which sink into the abyss. Dan's remaining two pirates then swim out to the fully loaded boat before Jon's captain can get there, but Jon's soldiers successfully kill off one of Dan's pirates before things start going insane.


The monkeys attack. The drunken monkey single handily kills a solider. Two more kill a second solider. Then they all swarm on one of the two remaining soldiers. He screams and runs like a little girl. Both soldiers start running towards the main ship. Hearing the screams the teams decide it is time to leave. Jon's captain grabs a treasure chest and starts running towards his main ship. Dan's pirate quickly rows to his main ship. Dave's captain also decides to leave after just swimming back from his main ship.


And the game ends. We each count our treasure

  1. 10% face value on the coins
  2. 5 pts for gems
  3. 5 pts for killing a captain
  4. 1 pt for killing a pirate or solider
  5. 5 pts for killing a gator or shark
  6. 1 pt for killing a squid

I don't remember the final scores, but Jon's soldiers were able to get the most points, but it came down to the remaining treasure chest that his captain was able to obtain.


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