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Thursday, April 24 2014 @ 01:01 AM EDT
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A Year of BrikWars


In the hopes of facilitating more actual BrikWar gaming events, several of the core BrikWar players came up with the concept of A Year of BrikWars.

The idea is to schedule a game every other month for a total of six in a year. Like the monthly NELUG meetings, individuals would be volunteer to be responsible for the game, it's concept, location, and the other various details.

This schedule is not meant to be written in stone; alterations, fudging and reassignments are a way of life. And there can certainly be *more* games (I think Sullivan is bound by law to at least attempt to show up for any and all games).

As Joe likes to say: If you plan it, they will come.

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Welcome to NELUG



The New England LEGO Users Group (NELUG) was formed in August of 1999 for the sole purpose of facilitating adults in the sharing of the LEGO hobby. Participation, though not required, is highly encouraged. NELUG does not favor one form of the hobby over any other, affording its membership a diverse range of exposure. NELUG's primary goal is camaraderie that is achieved by providing members the opportunity to meet other adults who share a common fascination of LEGO through correspondence, meetings and events.

For new members

NELUG is a semi-private group and we do charge a minimal annual dues payment for membership. If you are interested in joining, please read our By-laws. If you meet the membership requirements, you may join by signing up for an account on the website. Your dues must be paid within the month that you join. If you would like to talk with someone regarding membership please send a short detailed message and someone will get back to you shortly.

Potential Clients

If you have a potential project for NELUG please submit a short detailed message and one of our Executive Committee members will get back to you promptly. In the past we have done large commissioned works like those done for The New England Home Show or as simple as setting up our club train layout for Rhode Island Cooks. Our ability to fullfill a request depends on your requirements and our skill set, so please get in touch with us as early as possible when planning a project so we can decide if NELUG can meet your needs.

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RSS Is Now Available


We are happy to announce that RSS is now available to members!

New to Rich Site Summary (RSS)? Want to add to your favorite aggregator? Perhaps you want content actually emailed to you instead?

You can find this information in the FAQ under How do I use the RSS feeds?

A special thanks to Dan Boger for creating the email component for everyone's benefit!

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NELUG Announcement

GeneralF O R E W O R D

This is a lengthy post, but please take the time to read it as it covers a number of changes that will be occurring within NELUG in the immediate future.


NELUG has certainly grown since it started in 1999. Over the last year or so, we have seen the club begin to strain under the informal organization that has carried us up until now. As we have grown, questions about who has the authority to make decisions, the process of making decisions, accountability of NELUG's assets and financial resources, and even trying to define who is a member have all surfaced. These kinds of questions and needs continue to grow at an increasing rate.

Up until now, two members have basically filled a vast majority of the administrative aspects of the club. While this has worked fairly well, neither member was elected to this position. As a result, what happens if someone else wants to take on certain responsibilities? How do we go about this? What do we do if either member no longer wants to continue handling the responsibilities? How do you hold them accountable for anything? How does the outside world know who to contact? Who controls our finances? The list goes on. In short, NELUG's informality has become a barrier to its own future.

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Greenberg April 2005 Train Show


Well after several shows where we asked for more space we finally got it for this show and this let us have a nearly 10'x30' layout, our biggest to date. The extra space let us have by far our largest rail yard to date and gave us the option of running up to 4 trains at once. There was a clearly defined city section on one end and a residential section at the other end that included our ammusement park.

Among the additions for this show were David Gwon's great appartment complex and bumper cars. Dave Eaton also displayed several new buildings that are destined for Brikwars distruction but very cool none-the-less. A property value decreasing Pink Castle Liquor store also made its debut.

As always we were happy with the turnout at the show as well as the feedback we got from fans. Some of our fans have become regular visitors and we love it!

To view more photos from the show please visit the following Galleries:

Eric Kingsley

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