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Saturday, April 19 2014 @ 01:34 AM EDT
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Greenberg Train Show December 2004


NELUG continued its tradition of displaying at the Greenberg Toy and train show. This years layout featured a downtown city section with skyscrapers.

Several other items made first time appearances including a new amusement park ride, automated crane, point to point trolly, and several structures.

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Rhode Island Cooks! Display - Nov 19-20, 2004


Occasionally, NELUG is invited to display at non-traditional venues. In the summer of 2004, we were approached about providing a display for the Rhode Island Cooks! show at the Providence Civic Center. The show was a food and cooking expo, and the organizers expected a need for some children's entertainment. What better than a big Lego train display? And a giant cow. We're not responsible for the cow.

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Greenberg Train show March, 2004


In continuing our tradition of constantly trying to change our layout and bring something new to every show Mike Crowley's King Kong was a huge crowd pleaser. With animation including opening jaws and a swinging arm with a damsel in destress spectators were drawn to the new creation.

Our residential section appears to be growing as well and boy are those Minifigs happy! Finally a place to call home. Now if we could just add some public services like a fire station and... Oh, never mind...

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New England Home Show 03/2002

Other Events/Displays

Back in the early summer of 2001 NELUG was asked if they would like to participate in the GMC - New England Home Show in Boston Massachusetts. After some talk we decided to do the show. The theme of the show was "The Big Dig"(1).

Because the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge is the center piece of this project it was decided that a "near" Minifig scale version of the Bridge would be the center piece of our display. The bridge is made up of over 20,000 LEGO pieces, is 17 feet long and 7 1/2 feet tall. Approximately 300 man hours went into making the bridge. Of which 100 were design and setup and 200 were actual construction.

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Brikwars TL2 Game June 30, 2001


Once again we all had a fantastic time. This was our first attempt at having preset teams with preset goals.

First we had Team A who's goal was to keep the princes they had captured as part of the lead-in story line to the game. Their position was more defensive. Their champion was a Shuriken chuckin', Golden Masked she warrior that was downright deadly to archers and not much better to standard troops.

Second we had Team B who's goal was to rescue the princes. They had a numerical advantage and were on the offense throughout. Their small Ninja faction was a surprise to Team A.

During the course of battle both teams champions bought the big dirt nap in a desperate move by Team A to get Team B's champion off of their fort. Team A's champion built up as much speed as possible to push Team B's Champion over the edge of a cliff but in so doing their Champion also went over the edge in a last bit of glory.

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