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Friday, April 25 2014 @ 04:04 AM EDT
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In the Concord, NH area?

GeneralWhy not come see a train show? NELUG will have a display at the Concord Model Railroad Club's annual show on Sunday, August 19th. The show is at the Everett Arena from 10:00 to 3:30. Hope to see you there!
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Top O' The Mornin!

Trains/Layouts NELUG will be displaying on St. Patrick's weekend, March 17 & 18, at the Greenberg Train & Toy Show located at the Shriner's Auditorium in Wilmington, MA.

Rumor has it that the only thing Leprachauns like more than gold is Lego. Come on by and see what mischief they may cook up for us.

Show times are from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day. For more information on the Greenberg Train & Toy Show, including admission, please visit

Hope to see you there!
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MR730 Event Breaks World Record

GeneralOn 11&12 Feb 2012 the New England LEGO Users Group (NELUG) set a new world record for the longest contiguous LEGO monorail track at 730 feet (222.5 meters). The event, dubbed the MR730 Event, was held at the Wenham Museum in Wenham, MA. The two day show featured a layout divided into 4 themes; space, city, carnival and forest/castle, with monorail track running throughout. Highlights included two amazing structures that held 11 levels of monorail track, working carnival rides, and 5 custom monorail trains. A video of the MR730 Event can be found at or search Flickr for "MR730 Event".
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A new record?

GeneralIt started off simply enough. Eric Kingsley saw a video of a LEGO moon base display by the Ontario Brick Builders which featured over 250 feet of monorail track. As far as we could discover, that was the longest monorail track that had been publicly displayed. Eric thought that as a club we could best that and start a friendly little monorail competition among the Lego User Groups.

The next step was to see how much monorail track we could gather together. Quite a bit as it turns out. So then we needed to figure out where and when we could create a display. One of our favorite shows every year is the Wenham Museum in Wenham Massachusetts and they were willing to let us try something a little different this year. We now had a venue, but one that presented a challenge. How many linear feet of track can fit into about 280 square feet of display space? Well the answer is that if you are willing to go vertical, very vertical, you can fit in over 700 feet of monorail.

Come by the museum on February 11th or 12th to see if all our planning and building will pay off with a new LEGO monorail record. In addition to some rather impressive towers which support up to eleven levels of looping track, the display will feature a city, moon base, castle, and carnival. It should be pretty special.
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Hands off my Booty


Captain, Captain, the Imperials are heading to the archipelego to take our treasure.


Shouldn't we do something?

Sure, but we've got time. Their row boats only go two inches per turn. I can swim three times faster than that. Besides, the monkeys hate soliders and the gators are armor plated. Let see if they survive.

You know if we go there now, maybe we can steal someone else's treasure.

I have a better idea. Let's leave now and steal some treasure from the other pirates.

Sigh, such a better idea. I wish I had thought of it.

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