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Thursday, April 24 2014 @ 04:20 PM EDT
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Update on Recent Events


 October and November have been very busy months for the members of NELUG!

On Saturday Oct. 3 NELUG celebrated it's 10th anniversary at the SEE Science Center in Manchester, NH (home of the LEGO Millyard display).  Members of NELUG and their families participated in an afternoon of events that included a pizza party, a MOC judging competition, playing a floor-sized version of Carcassone made in a pirate theme on 16x16 baseplates, and a giant raffle of LEGO!  Over 50 people participated in the event and a fun time was had by all.

On Saturday Oct. 10 NELUG participated in the second annual  "Mito Walk and Family Fun Day" for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.  Like last year, this fund raising event was held at LEGO Systems, Inc. headquarters in Enfield, CT, and featured a 5K Walk, LEGO raffle, a skateboard demonstration, LEGO displays, a free build area, and a huge floor mural. NELUG's participation this year included a moonbase display, a Great Ball Contraption (GBC), a train and town display, and several MOCs.  Ten members of NELUG participated in helping with this worthy cause.

On Columbus Day (Oct. 12) NELUG member Teddy Welsh hosted a meeting of "NELUG West" aka western MA/CT/VT. Members from that part of New England gathered to build moonbase terrain to be used at LEGO KidsFest (see below).  Several members attended and were treated to dinner as well as an evening of 'moonscaping'.

We then held our monthly meeting on Thurs. Oct. 29 at the Burlington Mall following the usual routine of meeting at the LEGO Store at followed by dinner at Uno's. Turnout was excellent and in addition to the multiple LEGO purchases, food and drink, several members brought MOCs to show to the group (and the restaurant employees, who are now big fans!).

Then on Sat. Nov. 7 about 10 members gathered at the SEE Science Center to participate in a video taping session of experiences surrounding NELUG's participation in the building of the LEGO Millyard display.  NELUG and the SEE Science Center are collaborating on the project, which will hopefully be ready by 2010!

Our November monthly meeting was held on Thurs. Nov. 12 at the Natick Collection aka the Natick Mall.  Members gathered at 6pm at the LEGO Store and were treated to lots of great purchases.  Dinner followed at John Harvard's in Shoppers World, where final discussions were held about our participation in...

LEGO KidsFest was held at the CT Convention Center in Hartford, CT Nov. 20-22.  NELUG participated in a big way, providing a large train and town display, the Boston Skyline mosaic, a moonbase display, multiple Steampunk MOCs, the floor-sized version of Carcassone, and lots of airplane and dinosaur MOCs.  Pictures of the event can be found in the Flickr pool "LEGO KidsFest 2009" and a more complete write-up of this event will be posted shortly.

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Building vs. Writing About Building

GeneralWhile the lack of current articles on our website about club events and activities may be an indication that NELUG is not that active, there is actually another more pragmatic explanation for this phenomenon Ė we actually love to build, but donít really like to write about building. So with apologies, here is a belated account of our participation in the National Train Show (NTS) hosted by the National Model Railroaders Association (NMRA) at the Hartford Convention Center in July, 2009.

IT WAS GREAT!! The club pulled out all the stops and put together the biggest, best layout weíve ever done, thanks to the tireless effort of many of our club members! The member participation level was super, and several new members got to display for the first time. In addition, NELUG was one of 5 LUGs who participated in the show this year, organized under the sponsorship of Trains Ďní Town (TnT) and the International LEGO Train Clubs Organization (ILTCO).

A full description of the event will hopefully be published soon in BrickJournal, so if/when that happens we will post the news. Pictures of the event can be found in the NELUG Media Gallery, the event's Flickr group "ILTCO NMRA Train Show 2009", and on the TnT and RailBricks web sites:

And speaking of writing about building, please check out the article in the current issue of BrickJournal (#7) about our 2 Ĺ year endeavor to help build one of the largest minifig scale displays in the world, the LEGO Millyard, at the SEE Science Center in Manchester, NH. And then go see the display for yourself - you wonít be disappointed!
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NMRA Train Show Gallery

Trains/LayoutsShortly, we should have a story up describing the fun we had at the NMRA National Train Show. Until then, please enjoy some pictures from the event.
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Boston Takes on Westside

Trains/Layouts The Boston Red Sox were a big hit at the 1st Annual Westside Train Show in West Springfield, MA.

On February 28th, NELUG displayed at the West Springfield Middle School, on invitation of the area's PTO. We fielded a 14' x 14' display, which contained a large rail yard, several industries, a small town, and Fenway Park, contributed by one of our newest members.

Trains of all varieties were on display, and the yard was kept busy throughout the day as several regional railroads took turns on the tracks. Spotted in the lineup were locomotives from The Green Mountain Railway, Vermont Railway, New Haven, and Rutland, as well as a 20 car Amtrak passenger consist. The Brickling Brother's circus train was on display, as well as the ever popular Thomas The Tank Engine.

We'd like to thank our host, the John Ashley PTO, for the effort that they put into making us feel at home. The coffee and donuts were much appreciated!

Photos of the show can be found in our media gallery.
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NELUG Wows Them In Wenham


New England Lego Users Group was invited to help celebrate the final weekend of the three month long Train Time exhibit at the Wenham Museum in Wenham, Massachusetts. We were happy to take part by creating a 16í by 16í train display. The visitors were enthusiastic (Please donít touch that.) and for the most part, well behaved. (Sir, did your son bring that minifigure with him today?) Even Sundayís snow didnít keep everyone away.

The layout featured a busy rail yard (Can you make that one run?), an exciting carnival (No, none of them are sets), and a snow covered city and town. For adults, the carnivalís Round Up ride probably brought back some queasy memories. For the younger kids, (Watch your fingers.) Sponge Bob popping wheelies was a big hit.

One highlight from the city was a Chinese New Year celebration (Please donít touch) going on in the shadow of two skyscrapers. (Look. The door moves.) In the town, our minifigures were busy skating, sledding, creating complex snow sculptures, and engaging in some pretty brutal snowball fights. But folks came to see the trains and for this show (Watch your fingers, please) they ranged from a dragon chasing a hand car to the classic Santa Fe Super Chief.

A three day show may have strained (Donít touch that!) a nerve or two, but we had a great time and the museum staff were wonderful. They not only provided food and refreshment, but great company and support as well. Photos of the event can be seen in our Gallery.

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