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Thursday, April 24 2014 @ 04:49 AM EDT
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Animals go wild at the Hartford, CT. Greenberg Toy and Train Show


This past weekend, there was an attack by the rare, fresh water shark at the NELUG display during the Greenberg Toy and Train Show in Hartford, CT. Other strange animal behavior on the display included snakes in the trees, sheep navigating the hedge maze, an ostrich chasing an escaped prisoner, geese leaping from rooftop to rooftop, and somehow, the cows confused fuel storage tanks for a milking station. The turkeys were in a highly agitated state, no doubt worried about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. The rooftops were crowded not only with geese and turkeys, but also battling ninjas, superheroes and super villains.

But the main show was, of course, the trains. Younger visitors were thrilled to see James and Thomas the tank engine, and the latest version of the Circus train was a universal hit. Another bit hit was the monitor displaying the view from the camera hidden in one of the train engines. Many people remembered NELUG from the display we did in the spring of 2007, but many more commented, “LEGO makes trains?” We were happy to introduce them to the LEGO Train System and hopefully created some new fans.

In addition to the train layout, we were given enough space for member, Bill Bourn, to give a hands-on LEGO Robotics demonstration with his battling bots.

Photos of the show can be seen in our Gallery

Written by Linda D
Editted by Jonathan D

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Boston Skyline Comes Out to Play

Other Events/DisplaysA little something for Søren....

Back in early October during the MITO event in Enfield MITO Event, Søren Torp Laursen (the President of Lego Systems North America for those who aren't familiar), approached us to see if we could display something during their Leadership Board meeting.

Søren & his children enjoyed the display in Enfield and was wondering if NELUG could display something though didn't know what at the time. He had seen Nathan Sawaya's sculptures and suggested perhaps NELUG would be able and willing to display something similar. We stated that although we didn't have a 12 foot stegosaurus handy, we suggested the Mosaic of the Boston Skyline that was shown originally at the Boston Home Show and later at Brick Blast 2006.

Søren saw a picture of the mosaic, was duly impressed and thought it perfect for the Leadership Team event. At this point it was coming down to the wire and after some frantic email exchanges, we quickly coordinated with Vince Rubino, the Marketing Program Manager for Lego, and Ann the Westin's Convention Servcies Manager to have a few members help setup this past Sunday the 26th.

If you happen to be in the area before Thursday, I recommend checking it out if you've never seen the mosaic in person. The hotel is the Westin Boston Waterfront located at 425 Summer Street (next door to the World Trade Center). The mosaic is setup on the mezzanine level and will be there until late Thursday, Oct 30th.
For a few more pics check out the gallery.

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NELUG Supports Mito Walk

Other Events/DisplaysOn Saturday September 27, 2008, members of NELUG participated in a fund raising event entitled "Mito Walk and Family Fun Day" for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. The event was held at LEGO Systems, Inc. headquarters in Enfield, CT, and featured a 5K Walk, LEGO raffle, a skateboard demonstration, LEGO displays, a free build area, and a huge floor mural. NELUG helped by providing three displays; a moonbase, a large castle complex, and an exhibition of several city MOCs. The center of the moonbase display featured Spacely Towers by Teddy Welsh. Two modules (a Sponge-Bob themed Sandy's Greenhouse and a Classic Spaceport) and a moon monorail train were built by Jonathan Dallas, a Robot Museum module showcasing the likes of the Silent Running drones, B9 robot from LIS, Robbie the Robot, Rosie & Uniblab from the Jetsons and Oliver Wendal Jones' Banana PC Jr 6000 from Bloom County was done by Dave Gwon, three modules (Crystal Hotel, Moonbase Cafe Corner, and Market Street Moonbase) created for BrickFair 2008 were displayed by Mike Ripley, and connector modules in classic space and Blacktron colors were built by Linda Dallas. The castle display highlighted a large castle layout by Matt Mann, a castle and dragon scene by Dave Eaton, and a model of the Jabberwock by Jason Wolfson. Dave Gwon also provided two city MOCs, Bill Bourn had a robotics demonstration for the kids, and Steve Doerner provided extra hands to help with setup and tear down. Several NELUG members also walked in the 5K Walk that followed a somewhat damp, swampy and mosquito ridden path around the LEGO complex. A Channel 40 (ABC) news team was present for the grand finale, which featured a ring of people lying on the floor around the giant floor mural featuring the word 'Hope' adorned with - LEGO! As a result of everyone's hard work, over $38,000 was raised. And as a special treat for NELUG, we were given a tour of the new work spaces for the Master Builders in Enfield. It was great to hang out with Erik Varszegi, Dan Steiniger and Steve Witt, and to be invited to participate in the event! To see all the pictures taken at the event, please visit the event picture area in our Media Gallery.
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NELUG Cooks up a Good Time in Hooksett, NH

Trains/LayoutsNELUG ChefOn April 20th, 2008, NELUG put on a small display at the Hooksett, NH Lion's Club Model Railroad Show at Cawley Middle School in Hooksett, NH.  The display included a small town, farmland, a country fair, and several new and returning trains.

Though cows appeared all over the layout, a few stayed in the farm to keep the ostrich and giant bunnies company.  Indiana Jones made a heroic appearance on a WWII themed train, narrowly escaping his foes by hanging onto the back of a German caboose.  In another nod to history, a short Rutland train made its way quietly around the tracks, hauling marble, and occasionally Storm Troopers (We have a loose sense of history).  As in the past, visitors were treated to a drive-in movie of themselves, thanks to a hidden camera aboard the mixed freight train on our third loop.

The crowd at the show was enthusiastic and friendly, as were our hosts, The Hooksett Lion's Club, making for a great weekend of railroading.

Photos of the show may be seen in our gallery.
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Greenberg 03/2008

Trains/LayoutsImage GalleryWe once again had a fantastic time showing at the Greenberg.  Once again we were in the Fez room which makes for an interesting environment.  We are away from the hussle and bussle but it is a much more comfortable space.  We seemed to have a ring of chair around the layout throughout the show and at times crowds were 3 or more deep around the entire layout.

There was an engine with a camera in it which was a big hit and the Duplo Shark attack was also quite popular.  The ammusement area had a couple of new rides and the Medevil Fair is getting bigger and more popular.  There were a couple new Skyscrapers as well which always makes for interesting changes/challenges with the skyline.  The residential area was also packed with interesting things.

To view an entire gallery of images please click on the image to the left.

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