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Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 08:14 PM EDT
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BrikWars: In Space, Everyone Can Hear You Whine

GamingNELUG Has Another Go at Facing Down the Face Eating Aliens in Face... I mean, Space!

Trick or TreatBrikWarriors from space engage in a battle of wits and rockets with horrible aliens, incompetent locksmiths and a diabolical ship design that would make MC Escher green with envy. 

[Note: The following account is somewhat in dispute. Event may have been altered for dramatic effect, sensationalism, and to fill in the blanks during a particularly bad night of drinking. This is what happens when you hire people trained at FOX.]


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NELUGgers Clash Amongst Ruins!

GamingOn Saturday NELUG played it’s 4th Brikwars game of 2007. Six small squads of medieval troops fought amongst crumbling ruins and landowner homes for dominance of the region. Lizardmen battled Ninjas, Knights skirmished against Highwaymen, and Barbarians took up arms against the Strange Men who embrace scorpions as their sea-wives. Advantage on the field of battle shifted with the winds, but in the end the day was carried by our newly-anointed evil Reptilian Overlords.
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Boston Children's Museum Grand Reopening Gala

NELUG Participated in the Boston Children's Museum grand reopening gala, entitiled "LEGO of Your Inhibitions," that was used as a fund raising event to show off their recent $47 million rennovation. The black tie event was well attend, providing patrons with a variety of displays, music and food spread across three of its six floors.

NELUG was nestled on the third floor, not far away from numerous 2x3 brick-inspired cakes. Our display was a big hit, the largest affirmation of which came in the form of disappointed patrons when they realized our display was not a permanent exhibit. It was a great night and we had a blast!

We'd like to thank the BCM of the opportunity and to member Jonathan Dallas for putting us all in touch. For more pictures, visit our gallery.

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BrikWars: Our Con 17

GamingMembers of NELUG participated in a local gaming Con out at UMass-Amherst this past weekend, representing the wonderful world of BrikWars in a cluster of games entitled Injected Molded Kombat!

NELUG's began coordination with the UMass Amherst Gaming Club a few months ago in an effort to bring plastic mayhem out west. These efforts led to smooth participation on our part and the event went off without a hitch!

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Great Train Expo - Hartford 2007

General NELUG had a few firsts over the weekend at the Great Train Expo in Hartford, CT. This was our first show of the year, as well as being our first time showing in Connecticut. This was also the first train show for a couple of our members, as well as first showings for some of our new buildings and trains. Member turn out was great, averaging somewhere between seven to ten members at any given time. The crowd was enthusiastic, including some of the more "serious" model railroaders, who found our attention to detail to be almost more than they could imagine.

Some of the more notable scenes of the weekend included a rooftop concert by Spinal Tap, some credit-card loving vikings, and a somewhat embarrassed Batman. Not to be outdone by their modern film counterparts, the crew of the silent movie "Barney Oldfield's Race for a Life" were on hand to re-enact the famous woman-tied-to-the-tracks scene. Thomas the Tank Engine, who was a big hit with the kids, could be seen circling the track with some other famous locomotives, including a CSX, a Vermont Railways, and a Santa Fe. We also had an appearance of one of LEGO's new battery powered trains, which was a lot of fun for members to play with.

Photos of the show can be found in our Media Gallery.

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