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Thursday, April 24 2014 @ 10:23 PM EDT

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Hands off my Booty


Captain, Captain, the Imperials are heading to the archipelego to take our treasure.


Shouldn't we do something?

Sure, but we've got time. Their row boats only go two inches per turn. I can swim three times faster than that. Besides, the monkeys hate soliders and the gators are armor plated. Let see if they survive.

You know if we go there now, maybe we can steal someone else's treasure.

I have a better idea. Let's leave now and steal some treasure from the other pirates.

Sigh, such a better idea. I wish I had thought of it.

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BrikWars: In Space, Everyone Can Hear You Whine

GamingNELUG Has Another Go at Facing Down the Face Eating Aliens in Face... I mean, Space!

Trick or TreatBrikWarriors from space engage in a battle of wits and rockets with horrible aliens, incompetent locksmiths and a diabolical ship design that would make MC Escher green with envy. 

[Note: The following account is somewhat in dispute. Event may have been altered for dramatic effect, sensationalism, and to fill in the blanks during a particularly bad night of drinking. This is what happens when you hire people trained at FOX.]


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NELUGgers Clash Amongst Ruins!

GamingOn Saturday NELUG played it’s 4th Brikwars game of 2007. Six small squads of medieval troops fought amongst crumbling ruins and landowner homes for dominance of the region. Lizardmen battled Ninjas, Knights skirmished against Highwaymen, and Barbarians took up arms against the Strange Men who embrace scorpions as their sea-wives. Advantage on the field of battle shifted with the winds, but in the end the day was carried by our newly-anointed evil Reptilian Overlords.
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BrikWars: Our Con 17

GamingMembers of NELUG participated in a local gaming Con out at UMass-Amherst this past weekend, representing the wonderful world of BrikWars in a cluster of games entitled Injected Molded Kombat!

NELUG's began coordination with the UMass Amherst Gaming Club a few months ago in an effort to bring plastic mayhem out west. These efforts led to smooth participation on our part and the event went off without a hitch!

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Portsmouth Games Day a Success!

GamingCrowds Cheer as NELUG Delivers A Powerful Barrage of LEGO Gaming!

NELUG participated in its second Portsmouth Games Day event on May 13th 2006 in, predictably enough, Portsmouth NH. This event is organized to provide a day-long gaming opportunity for Portsmoth area youth who participate in the New Heights after-school activities, but who may want a chance to play for an extended period of time.

And what a perfect opportunity it was! With torrential rain affecting most of the Seacoast region, the timing of the event couldn't have been more fortuitous. Within the New Heights campus building, there were teens playing Role-Playing Games, Card Games, Board Games, Miniatures Combat Games, LEGO Soccer, and LEGO Brikwars.

The first half of the day saw 10 teens from grades 6 through 9 participating in a rehash of the 2005 classic game "VersaillesPunk". Within the first few turns it was apparent that these kids were catching on to the spirit of the game - one player had his character scoop up a frog milling about the French Throneroom and heave it at an opponent, hoping beyond all probablility to inflict fatal frog damage on his target. To his dismay the blow was not lethal, but to everyone else's glee a frog was indeed used as a weapon. After two and a half hours of early-20th-century combat the French forces emerged victorious.

Meanwhile, Bill Bourn coordinated a LEGO Soccer tournament. Participants took part in head-to-head competition using the classic LEGO Minifigure Soccer Gaming System. Before long, any NELUGger who was challenged to an interim game found himself at the low end of a lopsided score. Naturally all such defeats were blamed on the poor management of NELUG's mindless coach, Wayne McCaul.

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