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Tuesday, January 23 2018 @ 01:02 PM EST
billb's Album  

Mike Crowley
Album: Mike Crowley "baseplate" system. (34)
These are constructs that either come directly from or were inspired by a system of interconnecting bases as designed by Mike Crowley. They are built in various colors for ease of viewing here. I may make some corresponding LDD files one of these days. :)

Updated Sunday, April 14 2013 @ 07:36 PM EDT
Views 614
Greenburg March 2013
Album: Greenburg March 2013 (59)
One day at the Shriner's Hall in Wilmington Ma. Raw and unexpurgated. PG-8

Updated Friday, March 29 2013 @ 06:44 AM EDT
Views 560
monorail support
Album: monorail support (24)
pictures of try out support sections

Updated Saturday, January 14 2012 @ 10:03 PM EST
Views 864
2010 Parts Draft in Enfield
Album: 2010 Parts Draft in Enfield (0)
Bigger is better? Then this was very close to best ever for 18 participants.

Views 477
Kid's Fest Hartford 2009
Album: Kid's Fest Hartford 2009 (263)
Friday and Sunday only.

Updated Wednesday, November 25 2009 @ 10:01 AM EST
Views 4310
Brick Fair 2008
Album: Brick Fair 2008 (19)
NELUG represented at the inaugural Brick Fair event.

Updated Wednesday, September 24 2008 @ 02:01 PM EDT
Views 1716
Album: Miscellany (93)
Yes, this is Miss Zelaney\'s collection of lego-related pictures. Used when it\'s not worth making a whole new album for a picture or two.

Updated Tuesday, January 21 2014 @ 10:24 PM EST
Views 2776
Sub Albums (6)
Millyard Phases
Album: Millyard Phases (93)
Place for pictures made during various phases of the Millyard model creation at SEE museum, NH

Views 2623
Sub Albums (4)
Album: Meetings (286)
Pictures I made at regular NELUG meetings

Views 1986
Sub Albums (7)
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