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Saturday, January 21 2017 @ 01:17 AM EST
Home | Media Gallery | Member Albums | Doug Bowker's Lego Builds: Harry Potter Creations
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Builds and creations along with my son Colin. We share equal parts in design and concept, though I guide the engineering and planning. Many, if not most, of the mini-fig characters are customized either with decals we made or hand painted.
LEGO Battle of Hogwarts_10
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LEGO Battle of Hogwarts_09
Views 14
LEGO Battle of Hogwarts_08
Views 15
LEGO Battle of Hogwarts_07
Views 13
LEGO Battle of Hogwarts_06
Views 17
LEGO Battle of Hogwarts_05
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LEGO Battle of Hogwarts_04
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LEGO Battle of Hogwarts_03
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LEGO Battle of Hogwarts_02
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