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Friday, November 21 2014 @ 12:34 PM EST
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Builds and creations along with my son Colin. We share equal parts in design and concept, though I guide the engineering and planning. Many, if not most, of the mini-fig characters are customized either with decals we made or hand painted.
Combination European village set, heavily customized and re-designed by Colin and myself. A week's work on and off. Gringotts completely custom designed and built by us.
A walk down Diagon Alley
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A walk down Diagon Alley
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Some Details of Magical Creaturs Shop
Views 60
Olivanders Wands
Views 66
Malfoy Family entering Gringotts
Views 66
Inside the various shops
Views 67
Gringotts from down the Alley
Views 60
Gringotts from above
Views 96
Flourish and Blotts Books
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