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Eric Kingsley
City Wall

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Brickingham City Wall

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This is what I have so far for my city wall. While my wall is not nearly big enough to encircle a good sized city basically everything I need is here except for maybe an alternate entrance to the city through another gate. I purposely built this to be modular. The primary limiting factor for me making more sections are the Gray slopes and of those mostly the inside and outside corners.

The Outside corners are becoming easy to find but at the moment the X-Wing (7140) is the only set I know of that has Inside corners. My hope is that LEGO Direct will offer these but if not I will be watching the auctions.

Let me know what you think on LUGNET.

City Gate

Next up is one of the wall sections. Note the modular connections on the end.

Now finally the corner section. Again you can see the modular connection points.
New Wall Roof as of 3/13/00