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Brickingham Market

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This is the market that I have created for a medieval/castle themed village. Currently there are 4 buildings in the market including a Blacksmith, Fruit stand, Drug/potion store, and Cookware.

Let me know what you think on LUGNET.

This is the Market

The Market is made up of 4 stores that are on 2 16x32 baseplates with 2 buildings on each. There is nothing real fancy here but I think it gives you the feel of a medieval/castle market.

This is the blacksmiths shop where the blacksmith is busy hammering out a new sword on his anvil while his wife is selling a dagger to a customer.

This is the fruit stand where the locals can get most of their fruit including apples, pears, oranges, and other local fruits and vegetables.

This is the local drug/potion store where the locals can get remedies such as Eye of Newt, Bat Wing, Dragon Tooth, Rats tail, and Chicken Breast.

This is the Cookware shop where customers can purchase pots, pans, cups, and jars along with anything else they might need for cooking meals.

Update 3/13/00
These are two new shops that I have added to my Market. Currently no one has moved into these shops.