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The B-Wing first appeared in The Return of the Jedi and has appeared in many of the video games, comic books, and books since. This happens to be my favorite Star Wars fighter after the X-Wing.

This model has been modified quite a few times since the first iteration of the model. The following are some of the many ray-tracings and pictures I have taken during the evolution of this model going from most recent to oldest from the top of the page to the bottom.

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LDraw Model of the Month for November 1999

This is a Ray-Trace of my design of a B-Wing. This is the most recent version of my B-Wing and the version I am happiest with.

This is the first version of the B-Wing. As you can see there seems to be something missing on the bottom of the engine block. This has been fixed in the final version.

These are more pictures of the first version of the B-Wing from different angles.

These are pictures of the first docking bay I made for the B-Wing.