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Eric Kingsley
Main Street
Town Contest

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Main Street
Town Contest

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This Diorama is 320 x 128 studs or 10x4 32x32 Baseplates. There are currently 7 buildings on Main Street along with a Church and a Commuter Rail station. In back of the buildings is a 34 space municipal parking lot. I tried to have as much color variety as possible in the buildings. So far the colors used include Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, White, Gray, DkGray, Tan, Brown, Orange, Pink, and DkPink.

Unfortunately the scene ended up about 3-4 buildings short of being completed for the Town Building contest but it was far enough along that I entered it anyway.

Let me know what you think on Lugnet.

The following 2 pictures give a birds eye view of the scene. As you can see there are some vacent lots to the right of the scene which will one day be filled to complete the scene.
These 2 pictures give you a look down the street. There are lots of shops, a theatre, and a convenience store with appartments for small buisnesses and to live in.
These are currently the last 3 buildings on the street. The brown and Orange building was done as an experiment and I think it looks OK although it is not my favorite. I have come to really like the Red, Black, and Green building quite a bit.
In these pictures you can see the Theatre (Yellow and Green building) and an industrial conversion that houses 2 shops including a Toy store.
Here we have the convinience store along with another buiding with a shop. The second picture shows the Commuter Rail station.
The next 4 pictures show several interesting views of the front of the display.
The next 4 pictures give a view of the back of the scene and the Parking Lot along with a small church. The parking lot has 34 spaces and between the sidewalks and the parking lot there are over 3,000 2x2 black tiles in this scene.