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Eric Kingsley
Boston & Maine GP40-2 and Caboose

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Boston & Maine GP40-2 and Caboose

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The prototypes for these models came from a book I have called Before Guilford by Preston Cook which details approximately the last 10 years of The Delaware & Hudson, Boston & Maine, and Maine Central Railroads. The book deals mostly with the motive power of the lines but there are a few other shots of equipment as well including cabooses.

I was unhappy with my first attempt at a B&M engine (a GP9) using only bricks so I decided to try decals. The decals I used where Microscale O-Gauge Decals item number 48-518. I can now say I have done a 180 in terms of my feelings on stickers and decals. They do add something in the right situation.

The caboose shown here is the same caboose as the one on my GP9 page just this time it has been enhanced with decals. Below I have provided pictures scanned in from Before Guilford of the actual engine as well as pictures of my model.

The only thing I have not decided yet is if I am going to change the side windows to blue or leave them white. The Caboose Cupola windows should be black but I just don't have them so for now they will be white.

GP40 Locomotive
Left: Image from page 78 of Before Guilford.
Left: Image from page 81 of Before Guilford.