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Eric Kingsley
NELUG Boxcar

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NELUG Boxcar

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This is a boxcar I came up with to help promote NELUG. I used some G scale boxcars I have as a guide and I am fairly happy with the way things came out.

Let me know what you think on LUGNET.

This is the boxcar.

I particularly like how the fake doors came out as well as how the hand break turned out. The roof was a bit of a challenge but I really like the results. (Larry, I know its against OSHA regulations to ride between cars but it does look cool.)

New Picture:

Here's the other side of the boxcar. It here I have fixed the door in an open position. It looks like we have a freeloader that wants a free ride to the west coast.

New Picture:

Here you can see the two ends of the car. I kind of like how the manual break turned out.

This is just the top of the boxcar.

Here are a couple of pictures of how I faked the door. I used 12 1x2 tiles with center stud both above and below each door (48 total tiles). The tiles were positioned so that 1/3 of the tile stuck out from the side to simulate the track. You will notice that because of this setup I had to use something that had holes in the studs to bring the train wall back in (I could have used tiles but I would have lost a lot of strength in the wall). I used some technic arm pieces to accomplish this. I then attached the door to the bracket shown. There is a slight bit of forcing that has to be done to get the door on because of a slight overlap with the tiles but it can be done.

I rather like how the doors came out myself. I even think the technic arm / half beam looks. I almost looks like part of the door mechanism.