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Thursday, January 18 2018 @ 02:41 AM EST

NELUGgers Clash Amongst Ruins!

GamingOn Saturday NELUG played it’s 4th Brikwars game of 2007. Six small squads of medieval troops fought amongst crumbling ruins and landowner homes for dominance of the region. Lizardmen battled Ninjas, Knights skirmished against Highwaymen, and Barbarians took up arms against the Strange Men who embrace scorpions as their sea-wives. Advantage on the field of battle shifted with the winds, but in the end the day was carried by our newly-anointed evil Reptilian Overlords.

Each combatant began the day as a rank amateur, enthusiastic to prove their mettle but undistinguished in skill or prowess. With each kill they made the troops increased in stature and ability. As the battle neared its fateful conclusion those left standing radiated power they could only imagine mere hours before. For most, however, these new-found abilities would not be enough to guarantee victory.

The terrain was comprised of nearly 140 12x12 modules, each individually designed with foliage, ruins, or medieval structures. This flexible system promises to find use in future games as the modules can easily be used in other scenarios.

The honor of victory goes to Joe Comeau, who was also kind enough to host the game. Joe also receives the “cool move” distinction: one of his Lizardmen, half submerged in murky swamp water, rose out to charge an enemy trooper. Realizing he would be unable to close the distance in time, the lizardman launched his broadsword across the remaining gap and felled his target.

Dan Kressin earned the “Never Say Die” award, as he persevered - in spite of sickening early losses - to see the battle nearly to its conclusion.

Congratulations also go to Nate Finch, a new host to the Brainworm-that-is-Brikwars. Nate earned the “Last-In-First-Out” title; his reinforcements arrived on the scene partway through the game, but his troops fell to enemy blades all too quickly.

Other honorable mentions go to: (1) Elroy Davis, for his successful trip to and from the game without a single automotive mishap, (2) Shaun Sullivan, for not receiving any of the several stunningly bad dice rolls that graced the table, and (3) Dave Eaton, for graciously relinquishing the unbalancing Close Combat Stat Bonuses with which he had intended to subvert the game and guarantee victory.

All in all, the game was a rousing success. Thanks to all who participated!


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